Chef Retreat - 2017

Welcome to Kairali’s The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Set amidst the lush green surroundings of Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Healing Recipes is India’s first, and one the kind Chef Retreat that endeavors to explore wellness through goodness of food. Built on the 120 year old collective experience of the experts of Kairali and some of India’s top chefs, this retreat is a treat not only of the palate but also the mind as we uncover the wonders of organically grown food and revisit the ancient wisdom of Farm To Table, with culinary experts doling their finest fares that satiates not only the taste buds but the mind as well. Not to be confused with a chef workshop, this retreat allows you to accompany Mexican expert Chef Vikas Seth, progressive cuisine guru Chef Abhijit Saha and the legend and mentor Chef Manjit Singh Gill, as recreate the ancient wisdom of wellness through food, one dish at a time.

Menu July 2017

Healing Recipes is a three-day food adventure with four internationally renowned Indian chefs,


Healing Recipes is a three day food adventure with four internationally renowned Indian chefs, who will exhibit their culinary skills and demonstrate the taste theatrics of good food. A celebration of coming together of Food, Ayurveda,

Yoga and Meditation amid the pristine environment of Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Healing Recipes is an opportunity to review the delicious side of a good life with food, new techniques and the know-how to do it better.


Lately, have you been wondering what food we eat; why doesn’t the carrot taste the same as it used to; is ghee not good for you or how can you eat your favorite food and still remain well. Then Healing Recipes is for YOU.

Food to Wellness Retreat

Price for Food to wellness retreat along with one Ayurveda treatment daily.

Room type Price for single occupancy(INR) Price for double occupancy(INR)
Classic villa INR 46081 + INR 1800 (Tax) INR 75362 + INR 2160 (Tax)
Room type Classic villa
Price for single occupancy(INR) INR 46081 + INR 1800 (Tax)
Price for double occupancy(INR) INR 75362 + INR 2160 (Tax)

Chef Retreat July 2017

We couldn't go to Georgia without pickin' some peaches! And of course, pecans, shrimp, and other local favorites!


With over four decades of culinary experience and numerous restaurants including the iconic Bukhara, awards and felicitation makes ITC Hoitel’s Corporate Chef Chef Manjit Gill not only one of the seasoned culinary hands in India – and acclaimedly best too – it also makes him a legend who has shaped the Indian landscape.


Known for his innovative style, interesting dishes and the unsurpassable ingenuity to turn concepts into reality, Chef Abhijit Saha is considered to be one of the pillars of progressive Indian food. A prove of this is the superlative food experience he serves at his restaurant, Caperberry and Fava in Bangalore and Saha in Singapore, using the best of ingredients, cooked simply.


Three years ago, when seasoned Chef Vikas Seth, known for his Mexican cooking and Oriental dishes, began working on the first menu book called The Indian Odyssey, he discovered the joy of clean eating. Since then, the author and TV Celebrity, Chef Seth has been on a journey to cook food that is made with the best ingredients and simple techniques.